Rules Regulations


Registration/Admission Forms for new admission are available from first March every year and selection is made on the basis of test and interview so as to determine the capability of the child to pursue the prescribed courses of study.


Students are admitted at the begining of the academic term i.e. 15th March to 2nd April. for class I onwards

01. If a parent intends to withdraw his ward from the school, he/she may do so after giving one month prior notice to the school. If he/she fails to do so, one month fee has to be paid in lieu of the same.

02. School authority may ask, without prior notice to parents, to withdraw the child from the school on any of the following grounds:

(a). Failure of student to show satisfactory progress and unwilling or unable to profit from the educational programme of the school.

(b). Behavior and misconduct.

(d). Those who fail twice in the same class and are below average.

(c). T.C. or school leaving certificate will be issued on payment of Rs 300/- as processing charge.

House System

To inculcate the qualities of leadership, healthy competition and team spirit all the school activities are carried on House basis by dividing students into four different houses.

Do's and Don'ts

01. Do not talk aloud while you are in social gathering. If at all it is urgent, talk in a whispering tone.

02. Always wear a smile on your face and make it infectious. We should share other's woes with us and our cheers with others.

03. Be respectful to ladies and elderly persons, offer seat to them heartily.

04. Avoid belching while eating. Take your tea from a cup and not from a saucer. Do not make any sound while taking tea.

05. Avoid yawning before elders or cover your mouth with handkerchief before yawning.

06. Take care of the school property.

09. Switch off the fans/lights when they are not in use.

10. Close the water tap when not in use.

11. Observe flowers, plants and birds and learn to appreciate them without damaging.

12. Don’t harbour any grudge or mis-understanding in your minds. If you have any, rush to elders and clarify them.

13. Start your living with the faith that everybody here is your well wisher and cares for you.

Recommendations To Guardians

01. Parents are requested to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity and discipline and by taking general interest in their ward’s progress.

02. Parents may not walk into the classroom or interview teachers during the school hours. Those who wish to find out the progress of their child may kindly meet the teachers concerned by taking appointment/prior permission of the Principal.

03. Parents are requested to take the pain of coming to the school as and when called through this diary or by separate notice.

04.  Please ensure that your child comes to the school in proper and neat school uniform.

05. If you are satisfied with our standard of academics and development of your ward, discuss with others, if not satisfied please discuss with us only.

06. School dues are to be cleared before the terminal and final exams otherwise your ward will not be allowed to sit in the examination.

(a). Fee is payable in advance as follows :

(i) For the months of April, May, June - April
(ii) For the months of July, Aug, Sep - July
(iii) For the months of Oct., Nov., Dec. - Oct.
(iv) For the months of Jan., Feb., March - Jan.

(b). You are requested to submit the school fee by 15th of every scheduled month as above failing which a fine of Rs. 50/- for one month, Rs.150/- for 2nd consecutive month and Rs. 300/- for 3rd consecutive month will be charged.

(c). If fee is not paid for three consecutive months, the name of the students will be struck off from the rolls of the school. Thereafter, he/she will have to seek re-admission and he/she will be required to pay all the admission charges (excluding the security deposit) with the permission of the Principal.

(d). Fee payment may be made by M.O., Bank Draft. Cash or C.B.S. It should be payable to Grizzly Public School, Indian Bank, Jhumri Telaiya Branch (IFSC Code-IDIB000J044) A/c No.-6583344353

(e). School fee in general is subject to change from time to time according the changing price index.

Tips For Better Performance In Studies

01. You are expected to be serious and sincere in your studies from the day you join and are also expected not to leave your task undone.

02. You are advised to do your home work keeping yourself aloof from distraction.

03. You are suggested to give proper attention to the chapter or subject.

04. You are advised to write home work assigned in your diary in the class and also complete and submit it on time.

05. You are advised to clarify all doubts in the class.

06. If you are weak in any subject you are advised to consult with your seniors and respective teachers.

07. You are suggested to revise the lessons on Sundays and holidays.

08. For memorization of any chapter you are suggested to do it before going to bed and again early in morning.

09. You are ordered to speak in English boldly and never feel shy while speaking.

10. For having extra knowledge you are advised to visit the school library and keep yourself informed of current national and international events. You are also advised to maintain a note book for noting down significant events you have read.

11. Make a regular practice of physical exercise in the morning and play games in stipulated hour.

12. You are suggested to wake up early in the morning and take bath daily.

13. You are advised to brush your teeth in the morning and before going to sleep with a soft brush.

14. You are advised to make habit of wearing clean clothes and also make a regular wash of under garments.

15. You are advised to use Talcum Powder/Deo to avoid bad odour.

16. You are advised to cut your nails twice in a week and also advised to use slippers only in your house.

17. You are ordered to wish your teachers and seniors when you pass by.

18. You are suggested not to eat beyond your capacity of digestion.

19. You are advised to avoid taking eatables, prepared in unhygienic condition and never be lavish in your expenses and also ordered not to keep more than the prescribed limit.

20. You are advised to wash your hands properly before meals.

21. You are advised to use dustbin for wastes.

Leave Rules

Absence without leave is seriously viewed and in case of ten consective days of absence without prior permission name of the pupil concerned shall be struck off the rolls. He/She would be re-admitted ofter paring all the dues with fresh admission fee only at the discretion of the principal.

Repeated absence without leave also renders the pupil liable to have her/his name struck off rolls.

Students are not permitted to leave the school permises during school hours. Any request from the Parents/Guardians will not be entertained in this regard.

An application for leave indicating the cause of absence must be sent by the parents / Guardian and a note to this effect also be mode in the diary.

Absence due to sickness must be supported with a medical fitness certificate. Students attending the school after sugtering form an infectious discease like measler, Chickenpox, Cholera, Mumps, Whooping Cough, Conjuctivities etc. must produce a fitness certificate from an authorised doctor.

01. One Day Leave in a month : Will be sanctioned by the Class Teacher with prior information to the Class Teacher.

02. Two Days Leave in a month : Will be sanctioned by the Co-ordinator on his/her discretion in case of prior information to the Class Teacher with proper reason.

03. Three Days Leave in a month : Will be sanctioned by the Principal on his/her discretion in case of prior information to the Class Teacher and co-ordinator with proper reason.

04. Leave for Marriage Ceremony :

a). Leave must be applied 3-4 days prior to the marriage date.

b). Will be sanctioned by the Principal after producing Marriage Card.

05. Leave in case of Death of Relatives : Will be sanctioned by the Principal.

06. Medical Leave :

a). Three Days - Will be sanctioned by the Co-ordinator on producing Medical Certificate not the Doctor's Prescription.

b). More than Three Days - Will be sanctioned by the Principal on producing Medical Certificate not the Doctor's Prescription.

07. A fine will be imposed on students who are absent for more than two days in a month without any valid reason.
08. Absenteeism should be recorded in the diary.

Scheme of Examination

As per CBSE, Two terminal examinations are conducted in every academic year.

1st Terminal Examination :  September

2nd Terminal Examination (Annual) : March

Besides the above mentioned examinations weekly tests are conducted.

The marks obtained in all these exams are added up for the final promotion of the child to next class. A child must secure minimum 33% or grade D in each subject for promotion. It is imperative that the child must pass in Annual Exam for promotion to the next class. 75% attendance is essential to appear at the Annual Exam.

There is no provision for special examination, retest or promotion on trial.

Seventy five percent of class attendance is also a condition for promotion.

Ten Hallmarks To Be Called Educated & Civilized

Think clearly and logically, live honorably and courageously, give willingly and generously, and forgive lovingly and graciously.

Stay keenly aware that responsibilities have higher priorities than privileges; that freedom is more precious than security.

Realize that learning is never complete; that life is a never-ending process of growth.

Understand that simplicity is the essence of beauty, and that personal integrity is the cornerstone of character.

Understand that great ideas are more permanent than great wealth; that excellent examples teach more than polished phrases.

Recognize that curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning, and that wonder is the flame that lights the torch of adventure and achievement.

Develop inner reservoirs of thankfulness and learn creative ways of expressing gratitude to the Creator and fellow humans.

Welcome, respect and enjoy new challenges, different cultures, unusual customs, and opposing opinions.

Thirst for additional knowledge, hunger for more truth, and yearn for increased wisdom.

Recognize the limitations but focus on the possibilities. Appreciate uniqueness but celebrate oneness with all humanity.

We at Grizzly Public School strive to inculcate all such high values to produce future citizens for civilized India.